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ESG Highlights

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Climate Change/ ESG Scores

"Corporations exist in the broader context of a society and like other citizens of a society are expected to act in a responsible manner to hopefully benefit both the corporate entity and society. Unfortunately, sometimes this relationship breaks down such that the corporation appears to benefit while society losses..."
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A Solution to Investing in an ESG-Centric World

"Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG, used to be a niche investment strategy – but no more. Investor demand for ESG-related products has proliferated and forced all financial firms, whether investors or issuers, to focus on how they can address the changing requirements imposed on them..."
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Methodology and Proxy Voting Requirements for ESG Investors

"For institutional investors with an ESG focus, it is increasingly obvious that (i) a cogent approach to ESG is needed (with a documented methodology and supporting materials) along with (ii) proxy voting supporting that approach (See “SEC Announces Enforcement Task Force Focused on Climate and ESG Issues”)..."
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