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Ratings Operations Support Associate

"Egan-Jones Rating Company is currently searching for a Ratings Operations Associate to join our team. This role is an entry level position and the individual is responsible for supporting the Ratings team in organizing the full range of capabilities of the Egan-Jones team. The individual will assist in the development and execution of all elements of the ratings process including client communications, data download, reports & analysis, internal communications, database management and all other functions that help the team achieve its business goals. (Currently Remote)..."
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A Solution to Investing in an ESG-Centric World

"Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG, used to be a niche investment strategy – but no more. Investor demand for ESG-related products has proliferated and forced all financial firms, whether investors or issuers, to focus on how they can address the changing requirements imposed on them..."
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Methodology and Proxy Voting Requirements for ESG Investors

"For institutional investors with an ESG focus, it is increasingly obvious that (i) a cogent approach to ESG is needed (with a documented methodology and supporting materials) along with (ii) proxy voting supporting that approach (See “SEC Announces Enforcement Task Force Focused on Climate and ESG Issues”)..."
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