Egan-Jones was founded in 1995 by Sean Egan and Bruce Jones.

In 2007 the SEC designated Egan-Jones Ratings as an NRSRO. Ratings from Egan-Jones are accepted by the National Association of Insurance Commissions (NAIC) as a Credit Reporting Organization and are shown on Bloomberg terminals worldwide.

Our mission is to provide clients with corporate rating reports that are timely, accurate, actionable and attractively priced. Our objective is to have these reports assist managers in realizing investment goals, whether that entails maximizing absolute returns or preserving portfolio value.

We have two rating practices: one for buy side managers and another for issuers.

For buy side managers: We rate approximately 1,050 IG and HY issuer entities by letter grade. Ratings are rules based, quantitative, qualitative, transparent and accurately reflect the firm's current financial condition. We seek to identify improving or deteriorating creditworthiness and financial fundamentals, along with their investment implications in advance of actions by the majority of market participants. Studies by the Federal Reserve and prestigious academic institutions confirm that over time, ratings from the largest NRSROs tend to converge toward the Egan-Jones Rating.

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For issuers: We rate private placements, bank loans, bonds, notes, and other debt instruments. We are known for a smooth, streamlined process offering consistency, prompt turnaround, and attractive pricing.

Issuers should contact Pete Arnold, Regional Director, at or 646 998 6496.

Sean Egan and Bruce Jones

Founding principals
Sean Egan & Bruce Jones

Hits & Misses

Year Hits Misses  
2013 300 20 94%
2012 330 25 93%
2011 360 23 94%
2010 282 11 96%
2009 392 26 94%
2008 487 26 95%
2007 370 18 95%
2006 372 17 97%
2005 365 16 96%
2004 355 14 96%
2003 351 13 96%
2002 425 16 96%
2001 441 15 97%

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